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Our start

In 2007, SAALCK/KCTCS and AIKCU directors thought it would be a good idea to get the KY academic library directors together in one place to see if there would be interest in state-wide cooperation... Special thanks to Anne Abate and SWON for coordination of that first meeting!

In Fall 2008, fifty academic libraries in the Commonwealth of Kentucky joined together to form the Federation of Kentucky Academic Libraries (FoKAL).

First Meeting

On July 17-18, 2007, over 35 KY academic librarians met at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. Roger Verny, Deputy State Librarian of Ohio, let the group through exercies to identify obstacles and key issues. The conference concluded with the commissioning of a task force to set clear goals for the future.

Task Force to Executive Committee

The task force formed at the 2007 Summit consisted of 7 representatives from the four different constituent groups. The task force brought forth recommendations that another consortium or federation would be viable and the constituent groups agreed. The task force was dismissed in Feburary 2008 and the Executive Committee was formed to generate founding documents and plan the 2008 Summit.

Founding Documents

Through the Spring and Summer of 2008, documents were crafted by members of the Executive Committee and approved by the attendees at the 2008 Summit. Here are those two documents: Bylaws and Memorandum of Agreement.

FoKAL Established September 1, 2008

The Memorandum of Agreement was signed by 40 member libraries and the Federation of Kentucky Academic Libraries was formed on September 1, 2008. Within the first year of forming, there was 100% participation with 50 charter member libraries.

FoKAL Logo Approved 2010

The Membership Council approved the logo at the 2010 Summit. Thanks to Barbara Flaig at JCTC who submitted the winning design, and to the graphic arts talents at EKU for applying the finishing touches.